Saturday, June 21, 2008

Studio Day!

Today I set up my backdrop and paper in the garage (fun to have a studio!) and finally took some dance portraits. I LOVE to do this! Here's a few, still working on a cs3 and Lightroom learning curve, so it's slow comin'. It's difficult to find a time when the girls want to do this, but today I got lucky. More shots coming in the next day or two.
This girl's off to camp tomorrow so this week I have to corner my other daughter who doesn't like to do this so much, but there is a lot of events taking place this week, birthday party, water balloon fights, etc, so I can probably get some candids which are better anyway.
Need the practice because Saturday I get to take a 3 month old baby's excited because I did his Mom and Dads' Maternity photos. Thanks Nicole and Matt!
Trying to get a new lens before then, we'll see.

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