Monday, September 22, 2008

John's backyard friends

John has been making friends with all of the wildlife in our backyard...he has the squirells eating peanuts from his hand! They are so cute! And there's a bluejay (evil-looking) who comes at least twice a day to swoop down for peanuts.
The flower is just because it was in the backyard!

Photo class has started again. This weeks assignment is "dishes" or "utensils". We are to shoot with an eye watching for how the light plays on a subject. Wish me luck!
I'll post the pictures I use later this week.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frame action

And a watermark, both actions are curtesy of MCPactions, and they were very easy to use. Her blog is listed in my links.

Gearing up for class

Right Brain Photography class starts this week so I'm trying to prepare for it, playing with Lightroom 2 and editing. I also have a lot of "shoots" coming up so I'm a little nervous but looking forward to the fun.
These are some from the nature center and an old gas station.