Sunday, June 3, 2012

My week off, now back to work...

But I did do so much this week, I feel like I have been off a lot longer.
Printed and framed 12 pictures for my soffits....

Read two books.....excellant!

Started collecting Cobalt glassware for my kitchen, had a blast in the antique stores with Jill.

And this is the begginnings of how it will look...still need to pick up some more pieces for the opposite wall, but I am not in a is too much fun to look!

Sat by the pool for a few of the days, spent a day with my daughter, visited friends and family, photographed a great baseball team, and had a family party today with our granddaughters...All in all, a good week!

Our pool project

This was a big project, but love how it turned out.  Lots of digging, leveling, heavy lifting and am SO glad it is finished.

And we found we had an unexpected family on our birdhouse:

Mothers' day

A few shots of what mothers'day brought:

Lilac bush grown from a cutting from my Moms' tree blossomed for the FIRST time, it took about 5 or 6 years, what a welcome sight in my back yard.

 And the other plants were blossomimg as well, an iris (once again grown from a cutting at my Moms') and the other plants in my garden....

And then there were gifts....

A beautiful rock candle.

And my Abby knows me well, a wine glass :)

Solar lights for around the pool!  Yay!

 Gorgeous flowers

A great family day, I am a very lucky mother indeed.