Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"What's Next"?.....

is the new photography class I'm taking and it's a "series" class...the problem is too many
ideas and which do I choose? But as it turns out, it's not a problem because you can be working on many series at a time, and that really made it much easier for me. So now I just need to narrow it down a little, start out shooting and it may end up being an entirely different series all together, once I get really into it. My goal here is to improve and to end up with a completed work. The instructor is very inspiring and so good at what he does, I'm very fortunate to be
in one of his classes.
Also, finally calibrated my monitor and discovered how DARK and OFF my colors are, now do I go back and re-do them all? No...but maybe a few. And definately the maternity pix I did last month which I was re-doing anyway now that I am using Photoshop CS3...LOVE IT by the way. Also plan on posting the House of Blues pictures along with a few more maternity shots as I work on them. I guess I just need to have more time. Don't we all?

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